The 5 most important things about safety products.

Updated 12 September 2016, Five things to look at when purchasing safety products.

1. Always ensure the Safety Products you wish to purchase are correct one for the job intended. For example dust coveralls are not suited for Asbestos use. If you are working with asbestos, you should have a complete range of safety equipment, including a respirator, gloves, boots and proper coveralls.

2. All ways ensure the Safety Product carries the Australian Standards endorsement, the standards marking will be on the product or in cases of smaller items safety glasses it will be on the packaging of the glasses. The Australian Standards are a minimum standard that equipment should expect to live up to to meet safety requirements.

3. Use the correct size and fitting safety products. Eg loose fitting or unsecured clothing can be tangled in working machinery. It’s important that your personal safety equipment fits you well to protect you the way it is designed to.

4. Always check the shelf life on safety products Eg Charcoal / Carbon filtered respirators do have a use by date, as the filtering product will break down over time.

5. Be aware planning to wear multiple safety products that they are compatible Eg wearing a safety glass may disturb the seal of a respirator.

For a safe work culture it is essential to have competent trained employees with the right safety products for the tasks to be undertaken, fitted clothing, tagged equipment and control measures in place. These precautions play a large part in keeping injury free and a compliant work force and work place. Ensure that you have the right equipment for the intended job before starting the job to eliminate the risk of injury. It’s sensible really to make sure that you are well protected and work in a safe environment.

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