5 tips for selecting the best Personal Protective Equipment

Updated 12 September 2016, If you have a specific task that requires you to work with personal protective equipment here are 5 tips to help you select the right personal protective equipment for the job, to make sure that you don’t suffer any injuries.

1. All ways ensure the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) you choose carries the Australian Standards endorsement, the standards marking will be on the product or in cases of smaller items, disposable ear plugs the standards endorsement will be on the box they are packed in.

2. Understand to roll of your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for example, gloves. These should be selected for the task you will carry out. Working with steel and welding you should use the appropriate welding style of gloves to protect from possible burns or sparks. If you are working with sharp objects a cut resistant glove should be should be used.

3. A Quality product at a completive price. Remember the cheapest may not always be the best option. Because there is such a range of personal protective equipment on the market, be sure to invest properly in your safety. Sometimes people put price before quality and when it comes to protecting themselves, you shouldn’t just try to save a few dollars, you should buy personal protective equipment that is right for the job.
personal protective equipment
4. Having a supplier that will deliver your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) fast and efficiently to any location. If you’re in a remote location, it’s possible you may not be able to visit our store, but we deliver across Australia and will get your equipment to you overnight if you need it.

5. Having a supplier with good product knowledge. Our team at Bulk Safety equipment know our stuff. We select the finest products to make sure you are well protected.

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