How to protect your eyes with safety glasses.

Last Updated 12 September 2016, If your job involves working with dust, flying objects, or particles that may strike you from in front, safety glasses are an absolute must have.

Why use safety glasses

Safety glasses can prevent up to 90% of work related eye injuries.

safety glassesSo that means they are a necessity in any industry where there are airborne pollutants or dust particles that may damage your eyes.

As there are many types of safety glasses you should look for the safety glass that has the best fitting.

Always use Safety glasses that has the AS/NZS endorsement.

A poly carbonate frame has resistant to damage, and also prevents the unnecessary build-up of fog. Bulk Safety Equipment can supply protective glasses as well as goggles and face shields that are right for you depending on the job you are undertaking

Safety glasses come in several coloured finishes, a clear lens for indoors, a smoked lens for outdoors, a honey lens for dual use indoors & outdoors.  For example, when a person is travelling between both areas like a fork lift operator going in and out of a Warehouse.  Amber lens which is light enhancing is used in darker areas in a workshop.

Remember the most expensive pair is not always the best performing and the cheapest may not be the best value, it all comes down to your application and your fitting.

You should check your glasses regularly to make sure they are not cracked, scratched or damaged. They are designed to protect you from accidental injury and will not withstand repeated impact or abuse that may occur. So if they do become damaged through scratching or constant repeated impact, you should replace them. A scratched lens may become weaker and will prevent you from seeing what you are doing, so you need to take care of them so they can take care of your eyes.

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